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Monday, May 24, 2010


Last night on MasterChef the challenge was pizza!!  Have MasterChef been reading my blog and discovered that Sunday night is pizza night here too??

I tried to be inventive last night and make something a little different than our normal "left overs" pizza.  I had seen a recipe for a crab pizza recently and decided to give it a go.  So with this in mind I purposefully bought the ingredients for this particular pizza, but decided to "wing" the others - ie whatever I could find in the fridge.

My crab pizza went a little like this

Pizza base was covered with bechamel sauce, topped with a little parmesan.  On top of this went the crab, then mozzarella.  Caramelised onion, tomato slices then into the pizza oven.  When it came out it was topped with shredded mozzarella.

Not bad, but not the best pizza I have ever had.

Now to the "winged" one.  What was there in the fridge that I could use?

Some frozen green prawns, some pancetta, avocado ... mmmm that sounds ok.

So onto the base this time was a combination of tomato pizza sauce with a small amount of BBQ sauce (I find this gives it a bit more flavour).  The prawns were defrosted and pan fried until they just turned pink with a good amount of garlic.  Bung these onto the base, top with shreds of the pancetta, and now the secret ingredient - there was a  small amount of the becahmel sauce left over from the first pizza so small "dobs" of it were put over the pizza.  This was all topped with mozzarella - then into the oven.  When cooked it was topped with avocado slices.

And the winner was - the prawn and pancetta pizza!

Sometimes going with your instinct and "winging" it works best!!

Dear Readers what is your favourite pizza topping?

By the way I thought my pizzas were better than some I saw on MasterChef!

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