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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mixed blessings!

Dear Readers it is with sadness and happiness that I write this post.

Tonight I was to make Osso Bucco and Torta Caprese!!! Have planned this meal - salivated over this meal - and then at the last minute the carpet was swept from under my feet. I feel like a game show contestant that has been voted off the island!!!

The "family" decided to go out tonight - but one was unwell so I was left at home with a sick child! You know how that is - they do not want to eat!!! No fun there.

I had to console myself with trawling food websites and watching Nigella - her show tonight - eating for one!!! How appropriate! So now I am making myself a laksa for 2 - but more than likely really only for one! One can never get enough!! Red Curry paste, broccolini, carrots, zucchini, egg noodles, coconut milk, some frozen green prawns (and a few secret ingredients)- a meal fit for a "foodie queen"!!!! When you have a "foodie" in the house you can always count on a meal in times of adversity!!!

....On the happiness side I have just had a "dear reader" contact me to tell me of her joy and happiness with the success of her Pulled Pork Burritos. I do so love to hear of your successes with my recipes.

Please do tell me how you go when you try something........ even if it "wasn't to your liking".

I sometimes ask myself is there anyone out there reading what I write?

So until tomorrow..... Pizza Night!

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