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Monday, May 17, 2010


Food Safari - Bibimbap - Click on this link to view the video and see the recipe.

Cute to say, even better to taste.  

For lunch today I had Bibimbap!!  

A wonderfully tasty Korean dish.  There are apparently many variations on this dish - meat, or seafood, raw or cooked. With or without the egg, but what I loved most of all about this dish was the way it was served.  It came to the table with several little side dishes - crunchy cabbage with chilli, a dried shrimp dish (that I said I wouldn't eat) - but was delicious, a shredded noodle and crab meat salad, pumpkin soup and a bowl of miso.  If that was not enough, the actual Bibimbap was served in a stone bowl that was extremely hot - and what it did was continue to cook the rice so that as you stirred all the wonderful ingredients together you got little morsels of crispy "fried" rice.  The ingredients for the Bibimbap was a bottom layer of rice, topped with several kinds of vegetables, and  then topped with deliciously sweet BBQ beef (called Bulgogi).  

Dear Reader I said I would try all the recipes before I posted them, but well .... sometimes you just have to share the love of something!  I searched the internet for a recipe and I found one from Maeve O'Meara's Food Safari.  Watch the video - you will want to try one too!!

If you can't be bothered making this, then I urge you to find a Korean Restaurant and try it (ps - I think I would steer clear of some of the more commercial variations - try and find a real restaurant for your first time.)  I will actually give you the heads up here - I went to Soban Korean Cuisine in Hornsby, NSW - If you are in the area - I urge you to give it a try!   To top off this wonderful dining experience, it was a Lunch Special so all this came for the tiny price of $10.90!!  What a bargain.

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