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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well it has certainly been a quiet time in the kitchen this week.  There was no cooking for me again last night!!   I had a Thermomix demonstration and we had a veritable banquet prepared for us.

For all you true foodies out there that have been watching MasterChef closely you will have seen the mighty Thermomix in action.  Last Friday they used it in the preparation of a dessert.  

You may ask what is a Thermomix, and why haven't I heard about it?   I think if the truth be known it is a well kept secret that the chefs of our top restaurants are keeping to themselves (they don't want us cooking like them!).  George loves his Thermomix, and apparently has a bank of them in his restaurant!

So what does a Thermomix do?  It might actually be easier to say what it doesn't do!  It doesn't bake a roast dinner, it doesn't grill your cheese sandwich, and it doesn't toast your bread - but it does just about everything else you can think of!! Grind, knead, dice, cook, steam, weigh, time, the list goes on.....

The lovely Jan is just about to whip up a citrus sorbet in her trusty Thermomix!

Last night at our demonstration we had sorbet,  dip,  coleslaw, bread rolls,  risotto and a custard - and all made in the Thermomix in just under 2 hours.  The risotto itself took only 17 minutes - and it was made with no sirring involved - just put in the ingredients and leave the Thermomix it to it's own devices.  You see it can chop your ingredients, and then cook the dish for you.  Don't be fooled by the size - there was room enough for a risotto for 6 in that bowl!

After we had eaten our risotto we were treated to the most silky, delectable "jaffa" custard you have ever tasted.  The beauty of the Thermomix is that is stirs the whole time it is cooking (at it's preset temperature) - so you will never have lumpy custard again!

No I am not selling Thermomix - just an avid admirer.  No I don't have one YET, but I hope to soon.  You see the only stumbling block is they are a little $$'y.  But saying that if you are in the market for any new appliance for your kitchen they are well worth a look at.  It's a great little machine to have if you have any sort of food intolerances as it gives you complete control over what you add into you food, and allows you to easily make many of the foods that are comercially available.  You can even make your own yoghurt and butter in it!!

Watch MasterChef closely and I am sure you will see more of the Thermomix - the more that you see it, the more you will be amazed at what it can do.

Santa, if I am a really good girl can I please have one for Christmas???

So what am I cooking tonight?   Nothing again!!!  Hey there hoopla the circus is in town!  So I guess it's popcorn all round for dinner!!!

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