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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Char Sui Chicken with Asian Greens & Rice

Well Dear Readers were you watching MasterChef closely last night?  Did you see the guest appearance?  No I am not talking about Heston Blumenthal - but his little offsider!!  Heston obviously uses the Thermomix in his restaurants as it was used in the making of the Snail Porridge.  My guess is he has a few at his restaurant!!  What did I tell you about top chefs using it, but keeping it a secret!!

Very interesting food was produced last night - I would have to wonder though how much experience these "amateur" chefs really have - Heston commented that his dishes had never been made by anyone other than him or his chefs, but here were 8 lowly contestants on a reality game show able to produce these incredible dishes!!  Me smell something fishy - and it ain't "Sound of the Sea"!

Anyway, on to more realistic domestic achievements.  Last night's dinner was an absolute winner!!  The judges turned over score cards with 8's and 9's - there was not a scrap left on the plates (what every cook loves to see!!).  Even as one of "the Darlings" went to bed he told me that he loved his dinner.  Music to a mother's ears!

Was it hard? No!  Lots of ingredients? No!  What was it you ask??

Char Sui Chicken

Serves 6

1/2 cup Char Sui Sauce *
4 tbs honey
2 tbs Ketchap Manis *
2 tbs brown sugar
4 tsp sesame oil
4 cloves crushed garlic
2 kg chicken thighs (this gave around 8 pieces)

Into the trusty ziploc bag place all the marinade ingredients.  Give it a bit of a squish around to combine the ingredients - then add the chicken pieces.  Now I say the longer you can leave them there the better the flavour is going to be - I had mine in there for at least 3 hours.

Preheat your grill (I used the one in my oven).  To make life really simple for yourself use a couple of those disposable foil trays.  Put the chicken and the marinade in the trays - make sure the pieces of chicken are not crowded and that they are flat out in the sauce.  Gently grill the chicken until it is cooked through - when I say gently, I guess I mean carefully - the marinade has a high sugar content so it will burn easily.  Turn the chicken frequently so that you get a lovely golden brown caramelised coating on the outside.   This will probably take a good 15-20 minutes to make sure that the thickest parts of the chicken are cooked through.

Serve with steamed Jasmine rice and Asian Greens topped with a small amount of Ketchap Manis and sesame seeds.

All I can say is YUM!!!

 If you are unfamiliar with Char Sui Sauce and Ketchap Manis I have included a picture - you will find them in Asian supermarkets - they are much cheaper here than in the big supermarkets!!

Try this incredibly easy recipe - you will not be dissapointed!!

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