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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Plum Glazed Chicken Wings

The M.O.T.H. wanted chicken wings last night, and he wanted them with a plum glaze.  So I scoured the internet to find a suitable recipe.  I was not overly impressed with this recipe - but there were mitigating circumstances.  As usual I had bitten off more than I could chew in the alloted timeframe, and possibly left myself a bit short on the cooking time for the wings.  You see, me being me, thought sure I can make a marinade, bake a cake and prepare fried rice all in around 2 hours!  So I set out to do it all, and of course expected it all to be perfect!  Big mistake.

Well there were no dramas with the cake - that was perfect, but you see I didn't want to put the wings in the oven at the same time as the cake - I know, you are supposed to be able to bake sweet and savoury at the same time with no garlic smells permeating your cake - but I just didn't want to risk it.  I of course had stayed home from rugby practice on the premise that I would have dinner ready when they walked in the door - but it was going to be pushing it now (bloody stupid idea to embark on a cake so late in the day!!).  So perhaps if the wings had been in the oven a little bit longer, or perhaps even if I had not had so damn many in the baking tray, they may have caramelised up more (or as the M.O.T.H. said - I like them more burnt than this!!)

Anyway here is the recipe...

Plum Glazed Chicken Wings

1kg chicken wing drumettes (this is the little "drumstick" part of the wing)
2 tbs white wine vinegar
1 tbs sesame oil
2 tbs soy sauce
2 cloves crushed garlic
2 tbs golden syrup
2 tbs tomato puree *
2 tbs plum jam
1 tsp finely chopped ginger

* I actually used tomato puree last night, but I think now in hind sight that tomato sauce would probably work better and give it a little more sweetness.

I made 4kgs worth of wings (the boys had just been to rugby mind you!!) so I made 4 times the quantity of sauce, and hence crowded the baking pan too much!!

Place all the marinade ingredients into a large ziploc bag, mix well.  Add the wings and marinate for at least 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C.

After the wings have been marinted, put into one of those lovely disposable foil trays, and bake for at least 1 hour, turning frequently, or until they are lovely and "burnt" (caramelised is the word darling!!!).

Serve with Fried Rice.

Fried Rice

This makes a large wokful of rice - you can halve the amounts!!

To make the  fried rice you will need to cook 2 cups of rice earlier in the day, and leave to sit.  This lets it dry out and make a better fried rice.

2 eggs, lightly beaten
200g Chinese BBQ Pork (Tim's BBQ at Hornsby makes great BBQ Pork!!)
12 green prawns, halved horizontally
2 green shallots, chopped
1 cup of frozen peas
soy sauce
sesame oil

Cook the eggs, either place in a flat dish and cook in the microwave, or make an omelette in the base of the wok.  Cook until just set - put aside.  Chop into small squares.

Heat approximately 1 tbs of sesame oil in a hot wok.  Fry the shallots for about 1 minute, add the frozen peas, cook for approximately 3 minutes, or until they are no longer frozen.  Add the BBQ pork, stirring until heated through, this will take a couple of minutes.  Add the green prawns, cook stirring until they have just changed colour.  Now start adding the rice - break up any large clumps that you have!! Make sure you keep turning all the time so nothing over cooks.  Add more sesame oil to taste - this is what gives it that lovely flavour.  Add around 1-2 tbs soy sauce - again, just until it starts to colour, and to taste.

There you have it a take away meal that you cooked at home!!

In my humble opinion the fried rice was the star at last night's dinner (but then I am not that partial to chicken wings!) - well not unless they are those lovely tasty morsels that you get when you buy a BBQ chicken that is ccoked just right!!

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