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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'll be back!!!!

Dear Readers, I apologise for the break in transmission.  I am feeling a little down in the dumps, unmotivated, unloved, and greatly unappreciated in the kitchen at the moment.

But don't you worry, I will dust myself off, pick myself up.......and in those immortal words that Arnie once uttered..........

"I'll be back!!!"

Watch this space!

PS: Looking for new family that likes to eat good food - applications now being accepted.


  1. So sorry that you feel like that. Thank goodness I have a husband who eats everything, loves everything and always appreciates the effort. If you were not so far away I would lend him to you for a bit :-))) Take care, I am sure if you stop cooking for a bit they will soon show their appreciation once more. See you soon. Diane

  2. So sorry to hear that Cate, you will be missed!!!

  3. Gah, your family need a slap up the side of the head! I'd be SO HAPPY to live with someone who was in to cooking amazing new meals every night. Come and live with us...seriously! Remember, your cooking & blogging is FOR YOU and it makes YOU happy. You deserve to have your own hobby's etc.

  4. oh noes! i would totally appreciate you cooking such delicious meals in our household!

  5. i've been feeling a little down lately, think its the weather, and hormones, and the fact my life revolves around housework, and yeh you get the gist. fortunately my family loves my cooking so if that changed i would be depressed. hope things look up soon.

  6. Sorry to hear that Cate :(

    I am very lucky I have a great family with huge appetites (as you know)!

    If you want a weekend gourmet getaway, you are welcome at our place... but you have to cook the Beef & Guinness casserole with dumplings :)

  7. I go through those moments all the time! Hopefully it won't last too long though!


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