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Thursday, March 24, 2011

At Visit to Adriano Zumbo Patissier- Manly

The sun finally broke through after many dismal days of rain, so it was time to get out the convertible, put the top down, and take a ride to the beach!!!  Madame T, The Cake Woman Extraordinaire, Precious and I set off for a girls day out at Manly to visit the latest jewel in the Zumbo crown.

Adriano has recently opened a Patissier on The East Esplanade in Manly, with a Cafe currently taking place next door.  We arrived a little too early, and the delivery from the factory had not arrived yet.  There was a small selection of cakes on display, but no macarons!!!  What were we to do?  What any sensible person would do of course - eat one of his delectable sausage rolls!!  There were three flavours to chose from Pork and Fennel, African Lamb, and Beef, Bacon and Chilli.  At $4.00 each these were really good value - quite large, and oh so flakingly good!  Even though I had saved all my stomach space by not having breakfast, we all decided that we were feeling decidedly full, and needed a walk to ensure more available stomach space be available for cakes/macarons when the truck arrived!!

Word certainly seems to have spread, and those in the know knew exactly when to anticipate said truck's arrival.  Once the delectable little morsels had been delivered it was like watching seagulls circling hot chips on the beach. The tiny little shop soon became full.  Mind you - once there was more than the four of us in the shop it became a little claustrophobic!

Today there were five choices in Macarons - Pancake and Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Rose, Blueberry Mud and Raspberry Liquorice.  All were delicious!!

We were having a hard time making our minds up about what cakes to get, but the macarons were going fast!  Must make decision quickly, or else miss out on the macarons!

My problem was that I had studied the website for days trying to decide what I would buy - only to arrive there and find that none of those choices were available!!!  If you have been watching the SBS series, you may have seen the episode where he asked his staff to come up with some new items for the next collection - if you haven't seen any of the Adriano Zumbo Series click and catch up!!  All of his staff collection is on sale at the moment,  here is what we chose.....

I am sorry I am not a great food blogger - I can't remember all the names - too in awe with the beauty of these items, and trying to get may hands on them!!

This one I think was called Ranger's Vine Ripened.  It was a White Chocolate casing,  inside there were several layers, each one with flavours resembling bruschetta - so there was the tomato flavour, the basil flavour, and a little crunch factor as well.  Very different - can't say it was fantastic, but also can't say that it was bad.

Now this little beauty was the best in my opinion -  tarte aux fruits de la passion!!  Oh to die for - wonderful passionfruit tang, creamy filling, and wonderful pastry - must buy again!

I can't remember this little beauty's name - but it had a lovely cake base, with a filling of white chocolate and raspberry cream, and then topped with this gorgeous red jelly top!

This one was .... something ....  Saturn??  Chocolate, caramel, and almonds, with a surprise pineapple centre!  Yum!!!

This little gem was made by Adriano's youngest apprentice  She is 16!!  It was called Chai my Raspberry.  If she is turning out cakes like this at 16 - then the world is her oyster!  Is was lovely.  I, unlike The Cake Woman Extraordinaire, did not dissect this layer by layer - but let me just tell you by eating all layers together, you could discern that there was a pastry layer, a raspberry jelly layer, and a chai tea layer - they all worked beautifully together!  On top was the "whiter than white" cream that we saw last year in the V8 cake!  Absolute perfection!

So if you find yourself at a loss for something to do - head on over to Manly and check out the new collection - you will end up with a stomach ache I can guarantee it - but you will be oh so happy!!!

1a/40 East Esplanade Manly


  1. Oh.my.goodness. Looks divine...jealous in the extreme!

  2. Ooooh I love the look of the chau raspberry cake, I really enjoyed the dumbo series.

  3. ooops obviously chai and zumbo.....

  4. Mmmm, Saturn looks amazing. I do think it's a bummer tho having to wait for the goodies to arrive. What time do the truck get there?

  5. Ha ha Muppy - what a funny typo!