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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We are lucky enough to have an organic fresh food market locally each Thursday.  Not only can we buy organic fruit and vegetables, but there are food stalls as well - Indian vegetarian food, gluten free pies and pastries, but by far the most popular is the gozleme stand.  Here the turkish ladies, come rain, hail or shine stand for hours in their veils, working tirelessly making gozleme after gozleme.  Often times you can wait for around 20 minutes for a fresh gozleme hot off the griddle!!

So what is a gozleme?  Just in case you have been living under a rock and haven't had the chance to try one - they are a wonderful hot bread/crepe/pastry concoction that is filled with spinach and feta cheese, or mince with spinach and feta, or mushrooms and spinach and feta, cooked until golden on the griddle and then served with lashings of lemon juice!  Yum!!!

I have attempted to make these in the past, and was not overly impressed with the results - I tried to cook them on the hotplate on the BBQ, so that I could cook more than one at a time - but I think my "bread" lacked consistency.  I had made a dough that had self raising flour and yoghurt.  As I have been experimenting with pizza dough lately I decided to give the old gozleme another go.  This time I made a "pizza" type dough - and the results were so much better.  Now I know that you don't commonly see gozleme with "sausage" in them, but I had some leftover sausages in the fridge so I decided to make little mini meatballs with the sausage meat and incorporate them with the spinach and feta - I must say I really liked the taste.

So here is my recipe for Gozleme

Makes approximately 6

3 cups of pizza/bread flour
2 tsp salt
7g sachet dried yeast
1 tsp caster sugar
1 1/4 cups warm water
200g baby spinach
200g feta cheese
olive oil
1 lemon, cut into wedges to serve
* meat of choice (if you wish) - either mince or sausage that has been cooked

Grease a large glass bowl with olive oil.  Set aside.  In another large bowl combine the flour and salt.  In a smaller bowl combine the yeast and sugar with the warm water and whisk to dissolve.  Leave this mixture to sit in a warm place for approximately 10 minutes, or until it is bubbly.  Make a well in the flour mixture, and slowly add the water and yeast mixture.  Use a spoon to gradually combine the liquid into the flour.  When it is nearly all combined, use your hands to mix the dough further.  Once all the flour has been incorporated, turn the mixture out onto a lightly floured work surface, and knead for approximately 10-15 minutres, or until the dough is lovely and smooth and elastic.  You may need to add a little more flour as you are kneading, but try and keep it to a minimum.  When the dough is ready, place it in the oiled bowl, cover with a piece of plastic wrap that has also been lightly oiled, and leave the dough for approximately 1 hour in a warm place, or until the dough has doubled.  You can leave for longer if you like.

When you are ready to make the gozleme, divide the dough into 6 pieces.  On a lightly floured surface roll the dough out into an oblong shape, making sure that the dough is nice and thin (but not too thin!!).

On the bottom half of the oblong place your filling ingredients - here I put my *"sausage" meatballs then, topped them with baby spinach, and sprinkled with the crumbled feta cheese.  Here you can place as much as you like in the gozleme, but remember not too, too much!!  Fold over the top half of the oblong and gently squeeze the edges together to form a nice parcel.  Lightly paint the top of the gozleme with olive oil.

In a frypan that has been heated over medium heat gently place the oiled side of the gozleme onto the frypan.  Cook for approximately 4-5 minutes, or until the gozleme is golden on that side.  While the gozleme is still in the pan lightly brush the other side with olive oil, and then flip over.  Cook the other side for 4-5 minutes, or until it is golden.  It is OK to press down on the gozleme as it is cooking!!

Remove from the pan and cut into six pieces.  Serve with wedges of lemon, and lots of paper serviettes!!!

Forget the sausage sizzles, I wish they would all be replaced with gozleme stands!!  I would far sooner have one of these after the rugby on a Saturday!!!

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