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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cate's on Holidays!!!

Dear Readers I am on holdays!!

So.... there won't be any recipes for a few days, but stay tuned.... before I left home I made a great beef cashew satay (is that all there is??), and some fantastic swirled two tone brownies.  Recipes will follow, was just in a rush to pack everyone up, and leave the cold hell hole that we call home!!

Must say things are looking up, we have a beautiful apartment overlooking the beach, tvs for all, and bliss oh bliss, the apartment is warm!!!!

Tonight was take away, pizza for "the Darlings" and Thai for us!  All happy, looking forward to some timeout - both from the kitchen and from home.

Tune back in early next week to catch up on the news, and of course recipes!!!  You may see recipes that can be be concocted using limited supply of equipment and ingredients!!

ps - big elimination challenge coming up on MasterChef - who will go????  Who will stay????

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