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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nuffnang Christmas Party

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the Nuffnang Christmas Party being held at the Bavarian Beer Cafe in Sydney.  The theme for the night was Blue Hawaii - dress was optional.  This was the Christmas get together for all the Sydney bloggers - a chance to finally meet the faces behind all the names that we see each day.  There were some familiar faces that I recognised from the last event Chocolate Suze,  Simon,  Jacq, and several others (sorry I will add your links later - forgive me I have alzheimers!!!)  Some knew each other and all was good, but for some of us this is all still really new - and you sit there nervously explaining what it is that you blog about.

I tried to be adventuresome - got into the theme - wore a blue dress (wasn't Hawaiian but it did have flowers on it!) - wore a couple of leis around my neck, and carried a blow up palm tree!!  Yes, we did  did get quite a few sideways glances on the train (me and my BFF).  Must say though we got the most as we stood waiting out in George Street for Miss Insatiable Munchies to arrive!  Even got an offer of a visit to a deserted island!! Me personally -  I would have preferred the Desserted Island - but that's just a food blogger for you!!

We arrive at the Bavarian Beer Cafe - not too many Hawaiian decked out people there - oh well, I am not going to be perturbed I'm here to have a good time - and good time we did have.  I met some lovely new people - I am sorry but I didn't get blog addresses - it was quite noisy and I figured I would pick up addresses later as others posted them (yes I know very slack!!)

We had some great food......

....tried some Ladies Beers - served in a champagne glass - beer laced with lovely sweet concoctions (I had passionfruit) - very good, but there was lychee, cherry, and I think mango.  Very interesting.

....But the best part of the night was that I won "best dressed" - they liked the fact that I went to the effort to bring along the palm tree!!  For my efforts I won an ipod shuffle - THANK YOU NUFFNANG!!!  - and yes, we did take that blow up palm tree back on the train with us - all the way home!!  "The Darlings" are quite impressed that their dear old Mum actually won a prize - and now they are fighting over who can have the palm tree!!

So albiet a little early - but Happy Christmas to all you Nuffnang Bloggers out there!!!  See you at the next event!!


  1. Ha ha - I love it that you took a Palm Tree...on the train! Too funny! That pork crackling looks so yummy. Jealous!

  2. you are the luckiest!! ipod shuffle, nice!!! : )

  3. I'm sorry you had to wait for so long! But that palm tree was awesome!

    You deserved it. ;)