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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Delivery Hero

Growing up in the 60's we watched a futuristic cartoon called the Jetsons.  Life in the future (2062) was going to be fantastic - robots like Rosie to do the cleaning for us, zipping around the sky in jet powered vehicles, and the ultimate luxury - sitting down to dinner and ordering from a computerised menu!!!

While we haven't made it to 2062 yet, and technology isn't quite as they envisaged it might be, we do have a lot of great stuff at our fingertips that we could have only dreamed about 50 years ago.

After having a pretty hectic week on the Thermomix trail this past week, I was feeling very uninspired about making dinner last night (well that and the absolute starvation from "the diet" that was addling my brain!!)  Lucky for me I had the answer but a few keystrokes away!

The lovely Kate at  Delivery Hero had been asking me for quite some time to write a guest blog for one of their sites, but of late I have barely had enough time to write my own posts, let alone anyone else's!  She was not to be deterred however by my lack of writing, and she kindly offered me a coupon to use towards a meal on their Delivery Hero Home Takeaway and Delivery Service.

You know the old saying - "don't look a gifthorse in the mouth"?

Well, I hate to speak badly of something that has been given to me, but in all fairness I think I need to tell you the difficulties that I had in ordering from Delivery Hero.

I made my first attempt last weekend.  The first attempt to order was via the iPad - there were problems with redeeming the voucher I was given, so I then attempted to complete the order on my main computer, but still with no success.

I then figured I would go the "old fashioned" route and use the phone to place my order, this would have to work!  Still no success in redeeming the voucher!  Although the friendly customer service person tried to help me, they told me that they couldn't honour the value of the voucher I had been given in one transaction.  At this point I gave up - no home delivery tonight folks! The family then jumped in the car, and off we headed to the local pub for dinner instead.  On our return home, I sent an email advising Kate of what had happened, she said there could have been a little hiccup in the system, but to please try again and all should be good.

Bring on next weekend and attempt #2!

This time I wasn't going to go the iPad route - straight to the main computer (and low and behold - my order from last week was still sitting there!!)  However, there was still no success in redeeming the coupon! It just told me that I was already an existing customer, and that this voucher was only for first time users!!!  If only I was an existing customer!!!!  Back to the phone, and some personal service.  After a minute or so of holding, they gave me a new voucher code, which funnily enough had an apology in there - but hey, who cares it eventually worked.  The next hiccup, however, was in paying for my meal.  I entered that I wanted to pay via visa - but no, this particular restaurant wanted immediate payment - so this meant I had to use either cash or paypal!  Paypal it will have to be then!

Now, I know it was a Saturday night, but....... we waited almost an hour (55 minutes to be exact) for the delivery to arrive.  Neither at point of entry, nor mid way through the waiting time, did we receive an email or notification of any kind telling us what the anticipated wait time would be.  Finally though after what seemed like a lifetime, and after I was just about to chew my arm off and eat it, our dinner arrived!!!

The next part has nothing at all to do with Delivery Hero - but - my plastic carry bag was full of the liquid that had escaped from my Jungle Curry, and all of the food was lukewarm at best.  So while my rumbling tummy was satiated, it wasn't the greatest of experiences all round.

So the end verdict?

I think Delivery Hero is a great concept, and probably in an area other than mine (Wahroonga - where there is little in the way of restaurant choices) it would be a fantastic tool to have at your fingertips.  I am sure that if there weren't the issues in redeeming the discount voucher, the procedure to order would be very quick and simple.  Would I try it again?  Yes, I probably would.  I have ordered from a competitor before and had success - so on a level playing field I can't see why Delivery Hero cannot be just as good.

I would like to thank the lovely people (Kate) at Delivery Hero for giving me the opportunity to try their service, and for giving me a discount voucher to use towards the purchase of our meal.

I would love to hear from any readers who have tried this service before, and what their experience was.

So will we ever see the lifestyle that they predicted in the Jetsons for the year 2062? Me, I am not likely to find out, not unless they add jet powered wheelchairs to their modes of transport!!!!

One thing they didn't predict too well - our almost cashless society!!!


  1. Man it's an ordering service and they don't accept card? That's kinda sucky - it's like going through a drive through that's cash only!

  2. well it made really good reading! but bumma it was so painful....
    your right the concept is good.

  3. We lived in a small village in the UK which had several pizza delivery services, I have to say they were fantastic, not that we used them a lot. In rural France I don't think there will ever be a chance of a delivery service. I have to remember to cook or we would have to go out to eat :) Sorry you had so many problems, bet you will never try them again!! Keep well Diane

  4. I just loved The Jetsons and always wished I could live that life and drive around in a flying car.

  5. Great story Cate, you are always honest about your experiences and I am pleased you told the full story here too.

    Love the Jetsons, and I love the way you referenced them in the story. No, they had no idea about the cashless society to come ;)