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Monday, April 26, 2010


Well the Pulled Pork Burritos were a success! Shredded perfectly. The piece of meat I used (which was under $20) made soooo much - it was a very economical meal. We had enough for burritos for 6, and probably enough for two more meals. Mmmm now what can I make with the leftovers?? Mexican Pizza, Pulled Pork BBQ Rolls served with chips and coleslaw - the options are endless.

The only comment about the pork last night was that it was kind of bland, but you know bland is good sometimes. Me,I love HOT burritos - so this left me the option to add as much hot sauce as I wanted, and the "darlings" well they just added tomato sauce to theirs - so I say everyone is a winner this way!

So what's for dinner tonight Mum???

Now that lamb from Saturday could become a star on a pizza I think. I also have some Haloumi lurking in the cheese drawer. Today being a Public Holiday is really a Sunday - and Sunday is Pizza Night in this house - time to pull out all the leftovers and combine them into a stunning pizza. Of course the "darlings" only eat ham pizza - but that just leaves more for the rest of us.

Back to the grind tomorrow - sport, late nights, late dinners...... you know how that is. Not sure what we are really having each day, but rissoles, and Morroccan Chicken have been put on the menu. Will let you know how they turn out.

Oh by the way, the Panna Cottas were a hit too!! Actually much better than I thought they would be, if you want the recipe send me a post and I will add to the next blog!

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