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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back to Earth!


I know that it has been quite some time since I last posted, and lots has happened in the time that I have been away.

I have been back home for two weeks, and my recent trip to Italy almost feels just like a dream now. I have spend the last two weeks updating my blog with photos (I was plagued with technical issues while I was away, so the blog was just posted as is, but I have now gone through and edited it, and added photos!)

If you would like to check out my adventure pop over to......


Anyone heading to Rome I can highly recommend the tour we did there - we ate our way around Rome for about 4 hours - oh the food we tried!!!

So now its back to reality, with a big thud!

Life goes on, meals need to be cooked, and blogged about.  I Just wish there was something worth blogging about!!!

I attempted to make Mozzarella Cheese on Friday, but that was a dismal failure.  I now have a heap of "ricotta" which I may attempt to turn into something today, perhaps make some pasta and turn it into cannelloni? I have of course made Pasta alla' amatriciana several times since I have been back, but alas no photos.

Life seems to be more hectic than usual at the moment.  Or is it just me, with my laid back new attitude.... life is a little slower in Italia!!  In course I will get back on track and start telling you about my cooking adventures.  So please bear with me, I will get back into it!!!

Here's me making Lemon Risotto, under the watchful eye of Marilu (our chef) and another "pupil" Scott.

PS: If anyone is interested I am trying to put together a tour to Italy next year - Rome (Walking, Eating Tour), Florence (shopping) and Positano (Cooing!).  I would love to have some company!!!



  1. Great to hear that you had such a wonderful holiday. I am just off to see your holiday photos. Take care Diane

  2. This time I am in with a resounding YES!!! I just didn't have enough notice the last time, (sorry hon) and the kids are now a little older! Mr GG will have to come with me, he is as much about food as I am and I couldn't experience something like that without him. Email me the details!

    P.S I love making cheese! Delicious :)

  3. That holiday sounds amazing. I would love to eat my way around Rome. Glad you had a great break. Love the photo of you attending to that risotto! xx