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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cocobella Coconut Water

I recently signed up to be part of a taste test for a new range of drinks called Cocobella.

I do drink sports drinks after a session at the gym, and one of my favourites is NutrientWater, so I was pleased when I learnt that Cocoabella is made by the same people.

Luke Brad and Matt, three 20 something year old school mates began their career back in 2005 by launching NutrientWater, and along their hydration drink journey their discovered the wonderful properties of young coconut water, and hence a new journey began for them.

Since reading their website I have found out much about coconut water.

So what is Cocobella, and why would you drink this drink as opposed to regular sports drinks?

It is the clear fluid that is found in young coconuts (before they turn brown and the fluid turns to coconut milk).  It is high in five essential electrolytes - potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphorous, which are important when replenishing the body after strenuous activity.  It in fact has 3 times the amount of essential electrolytes that are found in other sports drinks on the market, and has been dubbed "Natures Own Sport's Drink".  Not only that but it is also low in calories, and has zero fat, cholesterol or preservatives.   If you are a fan of the "Coconut" flavour, then this is definitely a product you should give a try.

Cocobella is produced in Indonesia and the plantation is fully sustainable.  It is packaged in tetra paks which not only protects the product, but is environmentally friendly in many ways.  So as we replenish our body we can feel good about the product we are consuming as well.

So what about the actual drink?

In all fairness I am not a huge fan of coconut flavoured drinks - so I was very keen to try these products.

There are three flavours - Pink Guava, Mango and Pineapple and then there is the "straight up" version.  The Mango was my favourite flavour.  There was a lightness of coconut flavour, with a hint of the mango flavour.  The strongest flavour I thought was the Pineapple one - and to me it did not seem as thirst quenching as the others.

Would I go out of my way to buy these products?  I think I in all honesty I would have to say no.

Not only was the flavour not a clincher for me, but the drinks come in 250ml packs and cost $3 - which puts them at the pricy end of the spectrum for me.

While I was not a huge fan of these drinks, I am sure that there will be many out there who will love these drinks, and that they will be a good addition to the drink market come Summer.

I thank Nuffnang for the opportunity to taste test these products as part of their Product Talk program.

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  1. Interesting post but they do not sound very cheap I have to agree. Wonder if we will ever see a similar drink here. Diane